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Developers seek to skew the voting

When community activist Greg Smith saw similar mailings for two districts from a vaguely-named PAC (Jobs First), he noted the one common factor was the candidates being promoted for the two at-large council seats. Interestingly, these are the same two who ignored 152 community spokespersons who unanimously rejected their gerrymandered districting plan--Calvin Hawkins and Mel Franklin.

As opposed to the new face--and far more qualified candidate, Stanford Fraser--who has degrees from Howard, Harvard Law, a Maryland Court of Appeals clerkship and 5 years experience as a Prince George's County Public Defender--these two have consistently favored developers over citizens and environment.

What Greg reveals in this lengthy (but meaty) interview is that, having failed to dominate the council positions by redrawing the districts, the deep pocket developers are pretending to be a Political Action Committee (of 3 members) to pretend to advocate for progressive candidates while really promoting those who trade favors for funds.

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