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End the era of dirty politics

A citizen revolution is happening in Prince George's County. Just as, across the nation and the world, people are coming together and sharing information, uncovering deeds done using the power of an office, Prince Georgians are coming together across the county to assert that we deserve a clean council, and leaders worthy of the job.

We need to flip the county council, getting rid of the six members who have consistently worked against the public benefit. Tuesday's Primary Vote is crucial. We need council members who represent us, not rich developers. Vote for those who have committed to putting people above profit, to apply zoning and land use standards correctly and to build both economy and opportunity without destroying the environment.

Remember, you are hiring them. Councilmembers make between $120,000 and $130,000 per year, paid by your taxes. They will have the power to decide many things that affect your daily life. You get to decide--now--who deserves the public trust.

I invite you to watch this report of PGCC TV, and to vote on Tuesday. Let's send a message that we will not tolerate shady and self-serving politics in our county.

(If you don't know your polling place, you can find it here:

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