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Why we need Stanford Fraser

Greg Smith has followed the way planning and land use decisions get made in Prince George's County for a number of years. He has held Councilmembers accountable to proper land use standards along with other highly active citizens.

In this interview, Greg shares how developers skew the process of land use decisions, most recently by creating a PAC under the title "Jobs First" that promotes in each district the candidacy of the two notorious at-large candidates who engineered and steamrolled through a gerrymandered redistricting map that conveniently excluded pro-citizen and pro-environment candidates.

Greg's interview is eye-opening--not only on this latest attempt to swing the Council, but in the many ways that developers have dominated land use decisions to line their pockets.

Folks, the only way to regain balance and fairness and a council that really listens is to vote in this primary for at-large council members who will do their duty. Please choose a candidate when you vote who puts the welfare of the people and planet above a few rich developers' personal profit margins. For me, that candidate is Stanford Fraser.

Greg's description will open your eyes. Share with everyone you know.

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