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Green Space at risk

Clean Slate People welcomed Maureen Fine, of Bowie, and Rodney Roberts, of Greenbelt, to share some fascinating insight about the threats to the historically preserved areas of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) and the other green areas connected to the Patuxent Wildlife area, the NASA area, and other areas that together make up the "green belt" of the DC metro region.

In three separate interviews, Maureen and Rodney explain the vital roles played by the green spaces, the implications for agriculture statewide, the value of the preserved biodiverse areas, and the serious damage to the nation's capital area, should these be sacrificed.

If people want to join the SAVE BARC-STOP the BEP google group, they can email: (with "google group" in the subject line.)

We encourage people to contact Congressman Steny Hoyer and Senator Chris Van Hollen to advocate for BARC funding, and to STOP the BEP:

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