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Welcome to Clean Slate, People!

I love my county. Yeah, I really do. Prince George's County is such a diverse, dynamic place to live.

We've got great people--the best. Go to any shop, food bank, church, school or workplace, and you'll find outstanding individuals who go the extra mile--who practice strong ethics--who speak truth.

But I can't say that I have always seen this same standard reflected in our public officials. Too many times, we've seen people get into office and change their standards.

And no, I don't think this is inevitable. I don't think all power corrupts. I don't think that we write off anyone seeking office as a venal, self-serving person.

We do have good public office-holders. And we do have volunteers and community activists and experts who care.

So, in the spirit of "lighting one candle instead of cursing the darkness," I'm initiating a forum where I hope people will talk to each other.

I'd love to see people share their personal knowledge of issues affecting us all.

Or to have candidates share their reasons and ideas for running for office.

Or to have incumbents highlight the issues they see as essential.

Or to have experts share "best practices" that might lead us to some new solutions.

I don't believe governance is about winning elections or dominating the news cycle. I think it's about every person getting involved, every day, and bringing their skills and talents and knowledge and action to help the larger community.

I'm making this forum open to everyone, and hoping that everyone will treat each other with the cordial and respectful demeanor that every person deserves.

If you have something to say, here's a place to say it. Let's keep it focused on facts, issues and solutions. Let's look for answers. Let's put our money and our efforts behind our words.

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